iarray.expr_from_udf(udf: Function, inputs: list, params: Optional[list] = None, shape=None, cfg=None, **kwargs) Expr#

Create an Expr instance from an UDF function.

  • udf (py2llvm.Function) – A User Defined Function.

  • inputs (list) – List of arrays whose values are passed as arguments, after the output, to the UDF function.

  • params (list) – List user parameters, other than the input arrays, passed to the user defined function.

  • shape (Sequence) – The shape for the output array. If None, the value is derived from the inputs.

  • cfg (Config) – The configuration for running the expression. If None (default), global defaults are used.

  • kwargs (dict) – A dictionary for setting some or all of the fields in the Config dataclass that should override the current configuration.


An expression ready to be evaluated via Expr.eval().

Return type


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