iarray.zarr_proxy(zarr_urlpath, cfg: Optional[Config] = None, **kwargs) IArray#

Return a read-only Zarr proxy array.

cfg and kwargs are the same than for empty() except by nthreads, which is always set to 1 (multi-threading is not yet supported).

The data type and chunks must not differ from the original Zarr array.

A Zarr proxy is a regular IArray array but with a special attribute called zproxy_urlpath. This attribute is protected when attrs.clear() is used; but can still be deleted with del attrs[“zproxy_urlpath”], attrs.popitem() or attrs.pop(“zproxy_urlpath”).

This IArray has an additional attribute called proxy_attrs which contains the Zarr attributes. The user can get and set these attributes.


zarr_urlpath (str) – The path to the Zarr array. If it is stored in the cloud, the path must begin with s3://.


The zarr proxy array.

Return type

IArray container


As a proxy, this array does not contain the data from the original array, it only reads it when needed. But if a save() is done, a copy of all the data will be made and assigned to a new and usual on disk IArray container. To create a persistent proxy on-disk, you can specificy the urlpath during zarr_proxy() execution time.