Our Team

We are software engineers who are passionate about sustainable computing on big datasets.


Francesc Alted

I am an independent consultant and developer with more than 25 years of experience wrestling with Big Data in many different ways, as well as leveraging compression techniques for accelerating I/O.I am the main author of the ultra-fast Blosc compressor that has become the basis for some novel and innovative libraries in the I/O space. Also, I have created projects like PyTables or bcolz.


Christian Steiner

I am an entrepreneur and technologist with two decades of experience building efficient high-performance computing systems. I got hooked to computing efficiency when building low-latency electronic trading software and infrastructure.Currently I provide consulting service and develop products that improve the efficiency of high profile enterprise applications in the financial industry.


Aleix Alcacer

I am a computer mathematician focused on optimizing codes for high-performance computing of large amounts of data.I have created Caterva, a C library on top of Blosc2 that implements a simple multidimensional container for compressed binary data. It adds the capability to store, manipulate, and transform data in these containers, either in-memory or on-disk.

Marta Iborra

I am a computer mathematician who initially worked with the Blosc team as part of an internship to end my degree. During this internship I implemented the part of the sparse on-disk storage for the C library C-Blosc2. After that, I continued working with the Blosc team doing the python wrapper for the C-Blosc2 project (python-blosc2).I currently work on quality assessment for the ironArray library (both the C and Python wrapper).